Our Story

The Louis De Valois brand was founded in the UK by business partners and ardent luxury watch enthusiasts Jonny Stratford and Felix Amadi.  

As established entrepreneurs and lifelong friends with a passion for watches produced by the finest Swiss watch houses, Jonny and Felix set out to provide affordable luxury watches inspired by Premier Swiss manufacturers such as Brequet, Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piquet - without breaking the bank. Of course these names and others are in a league of their own, with a heritage and quality nigh on impossible to replicate but in some small way, Jonny and Felix hope their great appreciation of these famous names is reflected their own horological offerings.

The brand Louis De Valois sets out to embody this clear vision, while seeking to echo a history of European style, quality and luxury. Le Genève, Louis De Valois’ signature watch for men, has been designed with an attention to detail, combining a simplicity of style and function with a high precision automatic movement at its heart. After all, Switzerland is where finest watches in the world have been made for centuries. 

Louis De Valois is also delighted and honoured to announce its latest partnership with our new global brand ambassador and TikTok star, Trina Dimple. Her popularity and social media presence will no doubt serve as a phenomenal asset in the continued growth and long term vision of the brand.